PhD (social design)

In 2013 I defended PhD thesis titled ‘Chosen issues of social design.’ In this lecture, I present my views on social design. The presentation begins with several points which I believe to be the essence of design work and which constitute a kind of ethos to serve as a starting point for deliberation on product design as well as the creation of one’s environment in a broader context. Arising in the presentation are topics like: the Bauhaus curriculum, the anthropomorphic shapes of Henry Dreyfuss, the educational program of the Ulm School, and the work of the A&E Design studio and Ergonomi Design Gruppen. The speaker also discusses the work of Buckminster Fuller, Krzysztof Wodiczko and the IDEO studio, as well as the publications of Victor Papanek and Victor Margolin. I end with the conclusion that ergonomics and human oriented design can go hand in hand with minimalism, endowing a product with a timeless quality. Citing the ideas of Thomas Maldonado, I believe that industrial design ought to embrace every aspect of the human environment. In the second part of the presentation, I focus on on my own work in the area of social design.