Zawodowcy – rzemiosło + design

The project’s idea was creation of a product that could be made in a chosen craftsman’s workshop. The concept emerged as a result of the conversations with Warsaw’s craftsmen, who we- designers have a lot contact with during realizations of prototypes. As it turned out the specialists and their workshops, who provide unique knowledge, skills or traditional technology, have been recently affected by crisis. Being once the localization of small production plants, the former craftsmen’ districts are changing into the representative town parts. The craftsmen’ workshops are losing their raison d’être and consequently their premises.  The mass-production means replace the manual work with machines. The locally produced goods are being driven out of market.  Only recently we are maturing as a society to recognize both, the qualitative and the material value of the craft.

Having found a small production plant, that would agree to cooperate in realization of a suggested object, every designer met the participation conditions. As a result a group of 7 designers and 6 workshops emerged: springs production, shoemaker’s, leather craft workshop, iron foundry, metal spinning workshop and tailor’s. All cooperating craftsmen with affection recall the past glory of their plants. Because of different reasons it became difficult for them to exist in the new economic reality. They incline to close their workshops or try to change their trade pattern.

The exhibition displays the teams designer – craftsman’s workshop and the objects resulting from the cooperation. The project has been realized by the students and graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and with the support of Academic Center for Entrepreneurship.