Industrial designer and a Deputy Dean of Faculty of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He runs his own studio focused on product, social and exhibition design as well as leads design workshops. Robert graduated from the Faculty of Design of the ASP in Warsaw in 2010. In 2013 defended his PhD thesis in social design. In 2016 became a Deputy Dean. He is a co-leader of PP2 (Design Studio 2) and coordinator of research and development projects. Member of the Association of Industrial Designers (associated in BEDA). He participated in more than fifty exhibitions at the most important design festivals (like Milan, London, Paris, Berlin or Tokyo). He is a laureate of many competitions and scholarships. Currently working on a research and development projects, audio-visual installations, furniture, electronic devices, watches and in the area of cycle, rail and automotive design.Robert is also a musician. He regularly performs in concerts and records studio albums as a drummer.

Academic career

Faculty of Design
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw:
2016 Deputy Dean
2015 Assistant Professor
2013 PhD (social design)
2011 Assistant
2010 MA (product design)
2009 Minister of Culture scholarship


2014 Young Poland scholarship program by the National Centre for Culture
2012 Lech Tomaszewski Prize, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
2011 ScrapLab Design Contest, first prize (with Jakub Sobiepanek), Munich
2011 Minister of Culture and National Heritage prize, The Best Design Diplomas, Rondo Sztuki, Katowice
2011 nomination for Talent Spotter prize, Polish Radio, Trójka,
2010 The main prize and the title of ‘ Przetwór Roku’, Przetwory Festival
2009 Distinction in the furniture competition Baby VOX
2008, 1st prize in the design category, TVP Competition Creative Velley
2008 Distinction in the Competition for a Souvenir from Warsaw


28.09.-30.11.2018, , Design Everywhere , Centrum Spotkania Kultur, Lublin

11.05-3.06.2018, Design Everywhere , Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

06.04-29.08.2018, Z drugiej strony rzeczy. Polish design after 1989, The National Museum in Krakow

14-17.03.2017, Pin it!, Arena Design, Poznań

11.12.2015, KIDS DESIGN SPACE, CRZ Krzywy Komin, Wrocław

4.11- 12.11.2015, Olsztyn, Science and Technology Park in Olsztyn, ‘New life – different dimension’, exhibiting project ‘Barrow Armchair’

20.10- 29.10.2015, Elbląg, Science and Technology Park in Elbląg, ‘New life – different dimension’, exhibiting project ‘Barrow Armchair’

6.10-15.10.2015, Ełk, Science and Technology Park in Ełk, ‘New life – different dimension’, exhibiting project ‘Barrow Armchair’

14.09-2.10.2015, Olsztyn, University of Warmia and Mazury – Stara Kotłownia, ‘New life – different dimension’, exhibiting project ‘Barrow Armchair’

8-11.09.2015, Ostróda, MTM, ‘New life – different dimension’, exhibiting project ‘Barrow Armchair’

3-12.07.2015, Od Thoneta do Rygalika – wystawa krzeseł Paged, „Od Thoneta do Rygalika” – wystawa krzeseł Paged, PPNT Gdynia Al. Zwycięstwa 96/98, Rein Chair

October 2014, +48 Social Club” Place: VACANT, Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo, exhibiting project ‘Wedge Chair’

October 2014, CONNECTING, DESIGN FROM POLAND, Istanbul, exhibiting project ‘Library Post’

October 2014, Łódź Design Festival, exhibiting project ‘Plumber’

06. 2013, chairs exhibition, Metro Station 14 Saint-Lazare ↔ Olympiades, Paris

05.06.13-09.06.13, PROFESSIONALS, DMY International Design Festival, Berlin

07.05.13-20.05.13, 1 Salon ART.UPCYKLING.PL, Rondo Sztuki Gallery, Katowice

6.04.13-6.05.13 „od -ZYSK” recycling, upcycling design, Art. Centre Mościce, Tarnów

11.03.13-13.03.13, PROFESSIONALS, Light Fair ŚWIATŁO, Warsaw

05.03.13-08.03.13, PROFESSIONALS, arena DESIGN, Poznań

14.02.13-28.03.13, Everything – forever, today –. Polish and British sustainable design – Museum of Modern Art, Kraków

07.02.13-03.03.13, od- ZYSK – recycling, upcycling design, Culture Centre AGORA, Wrocław

16.12.12-28.02.13, PROFESSIONAL, Silesian Castle of Art and Entrepreneurship, Cieszyn

18.10.12-28.10.12, Xylochair (object + film), SOPHISCAPES, Klub Studio, Kraków

18.10.12-28.10.12, PG13: THE GREATEST HITS, Łódź Design Festival, Łódź

20.09.12-23.09.12, ELEVEN, Tent London, Londyn

10.08.12-23.09.12, Stay Green. Responsible design, Silesian Castle of Art and Entrepreneurship, Cieszyn

30.07.12-25.09.12, „od – ZYSK” – recycling, upcycling design, BB Gallery, Wrocław

7.05.2011-26.07.2012, „od – ZYSK” – recycling, upcycling design, Galeria BB, Kraków

22.11.2011-25.11.2011, POLEKO, Poznań International Fair, Poznań

01.09.2011-31.10.2011, Eco Design, Wola Pavilion, Poznań

09.06.2011-09.07.2011, Domesticated Design, DOMAR Gallery, Wrocław

09-19.06.2011, Design in action PRZETWORY+ 2010 – HOW TO SURVIVE?, 500 cafe, Warsaw

01-05.06.2011, Perspectives, DMY 2011, Tempelhof, Berlin

25-28.05.2011, Light!, Arena Design 2011, Poznań International Fair, Poznań

11-17.04.2011, Paged Meble, stand no. A39, Pad. 08, Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Mediolan

23-25.03.2011, Light!, Light Fair, Expo XXI, Warsaw

11.02.2011, PRZETWORY 2010 – HOW TO SURVIVE?, Design Gallery– BWA, Wrocław

15-31.10.2010, Modifications, Syrena Labyrinth, Plac konstytucji, Warsaw

15-24.10.2010, PG13, PG13 vs Tomek Rygalik Studio, ul. Częstochowska 19, Łódź

16-27.09.2010, Don’t forget me – Exhibition of Souvenirs from Poland, Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu, Toruń

9-13.06.2010, POLCERAMIX, DMY International Design Festival, Tempelhof, Berlin

27-30.05.2010, PG13, Furniture Lab, Arena Design, Poznań

19-27.03.2010, PG13, Study Visit, BWA Design, Wrocław

12. 2009, PG13, Przetwory IV, 1500m2 do wynajęcia, Warsaw

03.10-22.11.2009, Warsaw under Construction, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw

16-18.10.2009, PG13, Lost in Production, Łódź Design Festival 2009, Łódź

26.08-09.2009, Souvenirs from Poland, Złote Tarasy, Warsaw

10-27.07.2009, DIZAJNWAWA_1, Bęc Zmiana Foundation, Mokotowska 65/7, Warsaw

April 2009, PG13, My world is ECO, University of Warsaw Library, Warsaw

April 2009, PG13, Rzecz Jasna, Bęc Zmiana Foundation, Mokotowska 65/7, Warsaw

March 2009, PG13, Art Fair, Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw

March2009, PG13, Furniture Fair, Ostróda

March 2009, PG13, Light Fair, Expo XXI, Warsaw

January 2009, PG13, PG13, W Rzeczy Samej Silesian Castle of Art and Entrepreneurship, Cieszyn

December 2008, PG13, Przetwory III, Warsaw, Dobra 55

Październik 2008, PG13, 20 minutes Exhibition, University of Warsaw Library, Warszawa

Październik 2008, Formakcja, Łódź Design Festival 2008, Łódź

Lipiec 2008, Formakcja, Gdynia Design Days, Gdynia

Maj 2008, Formakcja, DMY International Design Festival, Berlin


internship requests:


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