RPDS is a product design studio focused on designing equipment, devices, furniture, exhibition systems and science exhibits, led by Robert Pludra, a designer and PhD at the Faculty of Design ASP Warsaw.

Located in Poland, operating internationally, providing design and R&D services primarily to manufacturers and research centers in Poland and Switzerland.

RPDS focuses primarily on the social utility of design, scientific approach to process, minimalist form and sustainability.


Robert Pludra is an industrial designer professionally active in Poland and Switzerland, living between Alsace and Warsaw.

He has been working as an industrial designer since 2011 and teaching at his alma mater, where he defended his PhD diploma in 2013. He served as deputy dean in 2016-2019, and head of department 2020-2022.

In design he finds the opportunity to combine his many passions:
- growing up near forest instilled exploring nature which led to his interest in physics
- access to his grandfather’s carpentry workshop encouraged experimenting and gained his building skills
- being an active drummer since primary school influenced combining music and design in his works

Exhibitions and awards

He participated in more than fifty exhibitions including important design festivals in Milan, London, Paris, Berlin and Tokyo. He was a ScrapLab Design Contest first prize laureate in the field of ecological design and was awarded with the scholarship of the National Centre for Culture for his project dedicated to the elderly.


Clients: Wood&Luxury Basel, Switzerland; Elektronisches Studio Basel, Switzerland; Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum, Istanbul; National Centre for Nuclear Research, Center of High Technologies "Hitec Świerk"; The Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing; Rail Vehicles Producer ZPS Stargard and many other institutions and producers.

Lectures, presentations and workshops leads: Hochschule der Künste Bern, Switzerland; London College of Fashion - University of the Arts London; International Materials Education Symposium, Cambridge, UK; ÉSAD Orléans; Łódź Design Festival; Copernicus Science Centre; Association of Creative Initiatives “ę”; Warsaw University of Technology ,BWA Tarnów ; Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw; The Warsaw Rising Museum, National Museum in Warsaw..

Jury member of the: Green Product Award (from 2020); Siemens Future Living Award (2015-2018); Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Creative Sectors Programme (2017)

The team

Robert Pludra- designer, owner
Emilia Kolanowska - designer, researcher
Maximilian Stahl - designer, researcher

Former team members

designers; Katarzyna Moszczyńska, Grzegorz Buczyński, Aleksander Gnat
interns: Jarek Bartoszek, Stefan Bieńkowski, Konrad Ippohorski-Lenkiewicz, Maria Maliszewska, Krystian Niemiec, Justyna Warchoł


[Poland] +48 694 572 472
[Switzerland] +41 762 33 22 34
internship requests: intern@robertpludra.com


Robert Pludra Design Studio
VAT number: PL1231198793
ul. Rapperswilska 8
03-956 Warszawa